While some one like me should be reveling in the nomination fiasco the Donks find themselves in, there is a facet to the debacle that hasn’t been truly explored. No matter how many folks scream this election isn’t about race, they cant escape the fact that it is ALL about race. It is my opinion that Hillary’s wanton and willing destruction of the traditional Black American voter’s party, will have far reaching consequences, far beyond 2008.

You see, with the nomination and possible election of America’s first Black President, Black Americans will be well on their way to overcoming. It has the potential to put to rest lingering mistrust and dislike in these United States. By elevating Barack to the White House, the Nation will be saying, “enough is enough” and will demonstrating that it’s time to move on.

But Hillary, whose husband was once deemed “America’s First Black President”, is not budging. She feels the Oval Office is hers and will stop at nothing to get it. Even at the expense of setting race relations back several decades. How is the black American voter, who, on the verge of final equality, going to feel as he watches Hillary pull some stunt in Denver that robs Barack of the nod? It is high time for the Clintons to  be consigned to the ash heap of history, to quote a former President. Let Hill/Bill live the lives of exiles in Paris or Moscow which will give us time to prepare for Chelsea ’20.

Hank Shale is a retired miner and political observer from Montana.