No War in Iran

July 13, 2008


Be in the streets on Aug. 2

Published Jul 3, 2008 8:59 PM

On June 26, the Stop War on Iran Campaign initiated an emergency call to action to oppose a war on Iran on the weekend of Aug. 2 and 3. A major march is being planned Aug. 2 in New York. Demonstrators will assemble at 12 noon in Times Square at 43rd Street and Broadway. Other places, inside the U.S. and worldwide, are organizing local actions.

This mobilization could not have come at a more critical juncture as the warmongering Bush administration, the Pentagon and their puppet Israel are setting the stage for this unbridled attack on yet another sovereign country.

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersch wrote in the July 7 New Yorker that the U.S. government has funded a $400 million covert operation involving anti-Iranian groupings with the aim of destabilizing the Tehran government.

This criminal act is a violation of international law that should be protested by every activist, revolutionary and worker regardless of whether one agrees with the policies of the Iranian government or not. U.S. imperialism is the enemy, not Iran.

It is in this spirit that the managing editors wholeheartedly support the Aug. 2-3 mobilization. Below are excerpts from the call. Go to to read the entire call and to find out how to get involved.

Never mind the fact that Iran declared war on the United States years ago. Just forget the fact that they have expressed interest in nuking Israel. Overlook Iran’s blatant funding of terrorism, see who is really to blame; the US! Jeez, it’s hard to believe Americans can think this way..

From the American commies at World Worker