Moonbattery given legitimacy by CNN

Moonbattery given legitimacy by CNN

(CNN) — The liberal environmentalist Green Party nominated former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as its presidential candidate Saturday.
Cynthia McKinney represented a suburban Atlanta, Georgia, district for six terms as a Democrat.

Cynthia McKinney represented a suburban Atlanta, Georgia, district for six terms as a Democrat.

McKinney, 53, held off three rivals to win the party’s nomination during its convention in Chicago, Illinois. She picked journalist and activist Rosa Clemente as her running mate.

Green Party spokeswoman Scott McLarty acknowledged McKinney was a “long shot” for the White House, but said, “Every vote that she gets helps the Green Party.”

“The United States needs an alternative party,” McLarty said. “The narrow two-party system we have right now has not served us very well.”

McKinney represented a suburban district of Atlanta, Georgia, as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives for six terms — five consecutively.

First elected in 1992, she lost a primary challenge in 2002 after suggesting in a radio interview that members of the Bush administration stood to profit from the war that followed the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

In 2004 she ran again and won with a low-key campaign in which she largely avoided controversy. But voters ousted her again in 2006 after she was accused of a physical altercation with a U.S. Capitol Police officer who questioned her after failing to recognize her at a security checkpoint.

The most successful Green Party presidential candidate was consumer advocate Ralph Nader, who drew nearly 3 percent of the vote in 2000. Nader is running again this year, this time as an independent.

Earlier this year, the Libertarian Party nominated McKinney’s onetime House colleague, ex-Republican congressman Bob Barr, as its presidential nominee. Barr also represented a district in the Atlanta suburbs during his four terms in Congress.

It will be interesting to see how many moonbats vote for this creature. This lunatic was a 6 term congresscreature, someone voted for her!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

WASHINGTON — President Bush on Saturday tried to pin the blame on Congress for soaring energy prices and said lawmakers need to lift long-standing restrictions on drilling for oil in pristine lands and offshore tracts believed to hold huge reserves of fuel.

“It’s time for members of Congress to address the pain that high gas prices are causing our citizens,” the president said. “Every extra dollar that American families spend because of high gas prices is one less dollar they can use to put food on the table or send a child to college. The American people deserve better.”

With gasoline prices above $4 a gallon, Bush and his Republican allies think Americans are less reluctant to allow drilling offshore and in an Alaska wildlife refuge that environmentalists have fought successfully for decades to protect. Nearly half the people surveyed by the Pew Research Center in late June said they now consider energy exploration and drilling more important than conservation, compared with a little over a third who felt that way only five months ago. The sharpest shift in attitude came among political liberals.

Democrats say they are for drilling, but argue that oil companies aren’t going after the oil where they already have leases. So why open new, protected areas? they ask. Democrats say there are 68 million acres of federal land and waters where oil and gas companies hold leases, but aren’t producing oil.

o Transcript: President Bush’s Radio Address

“Americans are fed up every time they go to fill up and they’re right to demand action. But instead of a serious response, President Bush and his allies simply repeat the same old line more drilling,” Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., said in the Democrats’ radio address.

“Democrats support more drilling,” he said. “In fact, what the president hasn’t told you is that the oil companies are already sitting on 68 million acres of federal lands with the potential to nearly double U.S. oil production. That is why in the coming days congressional Democrats will vote on ‘Use It or Lose It’ legislation requiring the big oil companies to develop these resources or lose their leases to someone else who will.”

“But we know that drilling by itself will not solve the problem of high gas prices,” Van Hollen said. “We cannot drill our way to energy independence.”

He cited Democrats’ calls to tap the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve, because it is full and “America’s rainy day is now.” And he said the country must focus on new energy policies that focus on alternatives to oil.

Bush said that Democrats are at fault and that “Americans are increasingly frustrated with Congress’ failure to take action.

“One of the factors driving up high gas prices is that many of our oil deposits here in the United States have been put off-limits for exploration and production. Past efforts to meet the demand for oil by expanding domestic resources have been repeatedly rejected by Democrats in Congress.”

Bush repeated his call for Congress to lift the restrictions, including a ban on offshore drilling. A succession of presidents from George H.W. Bush to Bill Clinton to the current president have sided against drilling in these waters as has Congress each year for 27 years, seeking to protect beaches and coastal states’ tourism economies.

Yes, the Democrats really do think we are stupid…

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No War in Iran

July 13, 2008


Be in the streets on Aug. 2

Published Jul 3, 2008 8:59 PM

On June 26, the Stop War on Iran Campaign initiated an emergency call to action to oppose a war on Iran on the weekend of Aug. 2 and 3. A major march is being planned Aug. 2 in New York. Demonstrators will assemble at 12 noon in Times Square at 43rd Street and Broadway. Other places, inside the U.S. and worldwide, are organizing local actions.

This mobilization could not have come at a more critical juncture as the warmongering Bush administration, the Pentagon and their puppet Israel are setting the stage for this unbridled attack on yet another sovereign country.

Investigative reporter Seymour Hersch wrote in the July 7 New Yorker that the U.S. government has funded a $400 million covert operation involving anti-Iranian groupings with the aim of destabilizing the Tehran government.

This criminal act is a violation of international law that should be protested by every activist, revolutionary and worker regardless of whether one agrees with the policies of the Iranian government or not. U.S. imperialism is the enemy, not Iran.

It is in this spirit that the managing editors wholeheartedly support the Aug. 2-3 mobilization. Below are excerpts from the call. Go to to read the entire call and to find out how to get involved.

Never mind the fact that Iran declared war on the United States years ago. Just forget the fact that they have expressed interest in nuking Israel. Overlook Iran’s blatant funding of terrorism, see who is really to blame; the US! Jeez, it’s hard to believe Americans can think this way..

From the American commies at World Worker